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Joann Hanson Memorial Scholarship Guidelines

 1.  The Aspen View Local ATA #7 will award three $1000.00 scholarships per year

 2. Candidates must be graduates of Aspen View Regional School Division #19

 3. A candidate is only eligible to receive this scholarship once

 4. Candidates should be entering year three, four or five in a Faculty of Education in the province of Alberta

 5. A satisfactory academic standing must be maintained and a transcript must accompany the application

 6. The application must  be submitted in the form of an 500 word essay and all candidates may be required to attend a       
      personal interview

 7. The deadline for application is March 15 and the scholarship will be awarded by May of the same school year

 8. Applications should be sent to the treasurer of the Local who will photocopy documentation and forward it to each member
     of the committee prior to the February meeting

 9. The selection and interview committee will consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Local. In
      the event that any member of the representatives is not able to participate, a school representative will be asked to

10. Advertisements for the scholarship will be posted at Vilna, Vilna Off Campus Academy, H.A. Kostash, Thorhild Central, Boyle, Grassland, Athabasca Outreach  and Edwin Parr Composite High Schools

 11. Advertisements will also appear in the Smoky Lake Signal, The Redwater Review and the Athabasca Advocate once.

12. All candidates will be sent a letter or email informing them of the Committee’s decision

 13. The recipients will be recognized at a future gathering of the members of the local or by a pre-arranged date before June 30

 14. Guidelines will be put on Aspen View Schools’ website


Suggestions Requested:

Your Local is looking for new suggestions on how to induct new members/thank retirees.  We may need a change!  What do you think?  Do you have any ideas?  If so, please contact your school reps or any member of the Executive.


Interested in coming to a Local ATA meeting?  Everyone is welcome!  Talk to your reps for more details, we would appreciate your input. 

You can RSVP to Christine Ruten, Secretary, before a meeting date if you would like to attend (supper will be provided).  Be courteous -  if you commit to attend, please do so or send a replacement as supper is costly!

Reminder - Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week is March 11-15th.  Remember to thank those fantastic subs that make our lives easier!

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